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  • Enrique Lesc : New dawn for the forum.
  • Mark Ciotola : November - December TrendEvents is posted. This month's theme is food. «link»
  • Mark Ciotola : The October issue of TrendEvents is out: theme is Health Care. «link»
  • Mark Ciotola : The latest issue of Technocracy, Inc.'s TrendEvents is out. This month's theme is Education. «link»
  • Nanos : I was reading in the Umea Bio - Dome Group about how late last year there was talk of "Composite Technology" helping with production of a dome, and now it appears that is not currently happening, can anyone shed light on what happened there in more detail ?
  • Igor Srdoc B : Mark, thank you for all the forum spam reports.
  • Mark Ciotola : Future Day - 1 March - «link»
  • Nanos : test
  • Mark Ciotola : Farewell! If today really is the end of the world, Australia will be the first continent to go.......
  • Dr. Andrew W : most ppl are out of sinc due to not living on a flat earth! But more happens on the facebook pages.

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