"We aim to build a sustainable, socioeconomic system"

Sustainability, balance and the application of science


"Our design centers on the people and the technology"

People and technology are real. Money and nations are not.


"Imagine a society where you could be human"

The highest quality of life for all for the longest time possible

Latest contributions

The Logdea Biodome, event on Kungsgatan 101, Café Planet, the 11th of October 5 Oct 2014 
 6:41 pm
MEETINGS 2014 2 Oct 2014 
 12:14 pm
Introduce yourself! 29 Sep 2014 
 9:49 am
Introduce yourself! 28 Sep 2014 
 12:44 pm
What does post-monetaryism mean? 27 Sep 2014 
 11:42 pm
Stöd Biodomen i LÃ&... 20 Sep 2014 
 1:48 am
Building a Star Trek Economy going from here to there. 1 Sep 2014 
 7:31 am
The I hate myself Ideology 13 Aug 2014 
 9:55 am
Introduce yourself! 7 Aug 2014 
 1:41 pm
AGM 2014 5 Aug 2014 
 2:17 pm
Introduce yourself! 4 Aug 2014 
 8:16 pm
Building a Star Trek Economy Definition 30 Jun 2014 
 8:29 am
An Earnest Proposal to Create a United Earth 19 Jun 2014 
 7:19 pm
An Earnest Proposal to Create a United Earth 19 Jun 2014 
 5:34 pm
Will it work 17 Jun 2014 
 8:03 am
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