"We aim to build a sustainable, socioeconomic system"

Sustainability, balance and the application of science


"Our design centers on the people and the technology"

People and technology are real. Money and nations are not.


"Imagine a society where you could be human"

The highest quality of life for all for the longest time possible

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Building a Star Trek Economy Definition 2014-Jun-30 
 8:29 am
Will it work 2014-Jun-17 
 8:03 am
A quick overview of some aspects of human nature 2014-Apr-30 
 9:32 am
Should we look at another direction? 2014-Mar-25 
 8:58 am
Alien Planet: space colonies as a starting point for sustainable communities on Earth 2014-Mar-24 
 9:22 am
book review - Never let a serious crisis go to waste 2014-Mar-5 
 9:57 am
all a matter of time! 2014-Feb-28 
 10:25 am
The Biodome Project 2014 2014-Jan-24 
 5:54 pm
Energy Accounting 2013-Sep-10 
 12:25 pm
WW3? 2013-Sep-9 
 8:48 pm
Why we are failing (Proposed article) 2013-Sep-8 
 2:22 am
The EOS alternative (Proposed article) 2013-Sep-6 
 12:29 pm
The challenge of this millennium 2013-Sep-1 
 4:31 am
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